Thursday, July 23, 2009

Evil Pink Unicorn Award

The Evil Pink Unicorn sees all, knows all, and spears all annoying teddy bears who get too close to her essential pinkness. She also commends good bloggers for being hilarious, bizarre, and just plain fun.

Yes, I just made this award up. I didn't actually receive it. It originates with me. But the award just cried out to be created.

Here's who I'm passing this awesomeness on to:

1. You Miss Your Old Familiar Friends. Yay for Full House Snark!

2. The Unicorner.

3. The Unprofessional Critic.

4. Children of the 90s. A must read!

5. The Literary Adventures of Lindsay Monroe (also you get kudos for being the one who introduced me to this wonderful, wonderful image).

6. Laina Has Too Much Spare Time.

7. Little Snarky Two Shoes. Another great TV/book blog.

8. Desert Rose Booklogue.

9. Cupcake Witch.

10. Book Crumbs.

11. Presenting Lenore.

12. Underage Reading.

13. Fear Street

If you've received it, pass it on to how ever many people you like.